Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Through My Lens Photo Project DAY # 2

The assignment for today from Jenny was to post a pic of something in our town. I thought and thought about what I wanted to get a picture of. I want my posts to be new pics that I go get just for this project so I was a little limited due to the fact that 1- I had several kids here today for daycare and 2- it is cold and snowy out.

I decided on a picture of our library. It is a nice red brick building but I think we could benefit from a larger one in the future. Most of the people who work in our library know us by name and can recogonize my voice when I call in to ask them if they have a book I am looking for. B knows Phyliss who works upstairs and we often see her at church or out and about in town. He also knows Teresa, the children's librarian and is preschool friends with her grandson.
One thing I really find interesting is a display case they have inside the main doors. Different people from the community lend their collections to the library of various items to display. I always enjoy looking at the variety of items and like to see whose collection it is. There have been things such as nutcrackers, horse figurines, tea pots, etc. B has so many trains with his Thomas collection I thought it would be cool if he brought that in to display. We inquired about it and they like to have things on display for about 6 weeks and at this point.... I don't think he could go anywhere near that long without them!
The children's department is located downstairs. They have a nice bulletin board wall that is always nicely done with some book theme. (That is the teacher in me, talking about the bulletin boards!) The board book selection for wee little ones is very small and I would like to see this expanded. I think the library does a good job with keeping up to date on several of the newest books for kids however. There are movies and books on tape that you can check out, as well as Backpacks with a large variety of themes. This was a project started by my MOPS group. The library purchased the clear plastic backpacks and MOPS donated books and coordinating activities on topics such as dinosaurs, penguins, Valentine's Day, the dentist, etc. These bags are lots of fun for little ones to check out becuase they have 4-6 books inside and a learning game or something similar to go along with the topic. There are puzzles and games on many of the tables in the children's department too. Many of them I can remember playing with when I used to visit as a little girl.
Phyliss is retiring soon and Teresa is moving upstairs to take her spot. This leaves the children's position open. Am I interested, yes! I could SO love a job as a children's librarian. I LOVE to read books aloud to kids and have such fun with it. I would get to do story hour, preschool visits each week, summer reading club, junior book clubs and more! Oh, imagine all of the fun! Is it something I would want to do right now? Hesitantly no. Being home with B is the best job ever, even on days when I want to scream (and sometimes do). If it was open in a few years it is something I could look into at that point with serious determination.

Check back tomorrow for a photo of "something I am working on" hhmmmm.... don't know what that will be yet. You can check Jenny's blog to see photos from some others.


  1. I think being a children's librarian would be so much fun! I love the picture of your library! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I loved seeing your library and hearing all about it! Thank you so much for sharing. It sounds like you have a wonderful library. I think the collection inside the door is such a great idea! What a wonderful way to get to know the community better.

    I took a few photos of the outside of our library this past weekend and even thought about asking to take a few inside, but never did. A good library is such a great benefit for a town to have. Thank you for telling us about yours!


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