Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Twilight what?

Confession: I'm really not into the Twilight Books/ Movie thing that is getting all the hoopla. You know why? Vampires. Really not into them. That is also all I really know about the book/ series. I have not had any interest in reading the book (books actually I think. I think it is more than one... I have not even paid too much attention to know this for sure) Another reason is that the book or books were written for teenagers/ young adult. Again, not usually my choice of reading.

But... Lots of people are talking about the book. Lots of people are talking about the movie. Friends are talking about the book. Friends are talking about the movie. People are blogging about it. Mandi was reading the book the other day. Laura said her and Julie went to the movie. Laura is now reading the book. Krystal posted it under her favorite books on her blogger profile.

You know I want to be like everyone else. Just kidding, but sometimes I think they might be on to something. Should I go for it? I really don't think I'm going to be into a vampire story AT ALL, but all the cool kids are doing it....

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  1. i think you should give it a try. haha nah, i'm not the twilight teat that got work to promote it to you. i wasn't even plan to like th stories. i mean i stop reading such those kiddies fiction since years ago. but then i gave it a try, i finished 3 books in 4 days and really excited for the 4th one. for short, now i'm addicted. the most embarrassing thing is i'm in love with someone isn't real, the Cullen. geeee


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