Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In Today's Technology News...

This past weekend I went shopping with my grandma for their first computer. My grandma just retired at the end of December and her and my grandpa have never had a computer at home. She used one at work but my grandpa never has. My grandma's knowledge is fairly limited, but she can get around with one a little bit. My grandpa however, has no idea what to do when we try to tell him about all of the things he will be able to use it for. We have tried explaining to him all of the things he can look up on the internet etc. One of the things we were telling him about was that he could find driving directions for their upcoming trip to FL. As we are telling him he wants to know if it costs to look those up using google. He just isn't understanding the www thing. I think once he gets to using it he is really going to like have access to anything he could want to know about and more. So.... we decided a notebook would be the best style for them and we got them all set up with the computer and a printer. I have called the two options for high speed in their area for them and we need to call back this week to confirm a time for them to switch some of their current utilities to a bundle package and set up a date/ time for installation.
Even more exciting is that a few more friends have joined the blogging world. I am happy to introduce to you Hollie, Monica, and Ashley.
Hollie is my good friend who I used to teach with. She moved away about 2 years ago and is expecting her 4th child.
Monica is my co-coordinator in our MOPS group and is raising 4 boys. She is married to one and has 3. She has lots of crazy stuff that goes on in her house!
Ashley has a private blog so you can leave a comment for her on this post and wish her luck with her blogging experience. She has 2 girls and just had a little boy just over a month ago.

Great job girls! Now, get to posting!
Stop on over to check out their blogs and introduce yourself to them! I am so proud of them for trying to be like me. Just kidding. But I am happy they have blogs now! I hope they get on the ball with their posting however!

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to help me set up my blog. I couldn't have done it without you. I'm starting to get the hang of it and find it fun to work on. I appreciate all of your help when I get stuck or have a question. You are a great friend, and Yes, I'm trying to be just like you.


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