Friday, January 23, 2009

Oh, yeah, I'm hip.

Thanks to Angie for declaring 2009 the year of the scarf and the lovely instructions and tips from these two ladies here and here, I am hip with the scarf thing. After a stop at the Walmart in Papillion, (this could be a whole seperate post- talk about a nice Walmart, not like the one that is closest to us) I picked up 4 colors of the famous $5 scarf. I got hot pink, black, rose pink, and white.
When I first got to the scarf section, I found some $5 ones, but they didn't look like the ones that were in the scarf video blogs I had watched. But, they were $5 and the only ones I saw so I thought that must be what they were talking about. After trying several on to decide what color I looked hottest in, I made a few selections. Then as we went to walk away, I saw the NICE ones. Oh, yeah, baby thats what I'm talking about. These are soft and yummy and I about died right there. I was so going to be cool now. Those first ones were all crinkly and scruncy (hence the tag said Crinkly scarf)

I'm in scaft heaven with these soft nice ones! I just wish I would have had more colors to choose from!

I was so excited about them I had to put one on in the car and wear it to our play date that afternoon. Now, no one told me I was hip, but I just declared myself that I was "in".
I texted this picture (taken at a red light) to Ashley because I knew SHE would understand my new cool status. Even though I have yet to see Ashley in a scarf. I'll let you know when she joins in. In this picture I am modeling the double knot.
This was after the playdate at the mall. I had "switched it up a little in the mall bathroom" and am now modeling the classic look. My favorite.
I also discovered while at the playdate that there was a stranger across the playland who obviously got the same memo I did.
and yes, since I know you are wondering, it is wierd to try to sneak pictures of strangers and have them not think you are a weird o taking pictures of them. But I just acted like I was taking a picture of the kiddos.
I don't know a name for this one right now on this look that I am modeling. I have to watch the video again to get the names. I was just SO proud of my new fashion status that I had to have B take a picture of me with one more look before I took it off.


  1. Loving it!! Okay, maybe I need to hit that Walmart in Papillion so I can be hip to. I am just afraid it will make me look like I have an even bigger double chin..working on that!

  2. you look GREAT!!! i haven't seen the spring $5 ones. i'll be heading there next week though to check it out! :)

  3. Love it! You look great! I am so heading to Walmart to check it out next week!

  4. Since when did you get to be SO into fashion. I thought I was the fashion queen. What club are you in and I'm not?


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