Friday, November 14, 2008

Brownies and Black Beans?

The lone ingredients!

Last night at my MOPS group, we were having a speaker on Healthy Eating. I had recently heard of a recipie for brownies made with only a can of black beans. Now seriously, who thinks of this stuff? Who even thinks that would sound good? But oh yes, it is.

I can not for the life of me remember who told me about this. I also remember hearing that it was a Weight Watchers recipie. I was telling this to my friends on our MOPS steering team last Sunday when they said I should bring it to our meeting. Since our topic was Healthy Eating, this might be the only way I would get the nerve to try something like this. And I do love black beans. Just don't quite know about them in my brownies. But oh yes, they are good.

Here is the low down:

One can of black beans, rinsed and drained
Put the beans back into the can and fill can with water.
Puree the beans/ water until smooth. You do not want any chunks of beans.

Pour the pureed beans/ water into a brownie mix.

Stir together with mix until moistened. You do not add any other ingredients.

Pour batter into greased pan and bake as directed.

Ready to bake!

They are super fudgy, thick, and moist. Enjoy!

Now, I know this is really not like me to give anyone food tips, or health tips for that matter, but it is so wierd, I just had to share!


  1. This is so funny. My sister was just visiting last month and made these. She is on WW. They were good. She didnt tell anyone what it was made of till after we all ate it. LOL I found your blog from the Crafty crow. Beverly

  2. I'm so going to do this to my husband! He is a brownie conosieur (however you spell that) and I would love to see his face after telling him the secret ingredient. =)

    I stumbled over here from Crafty Crow.


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