Friday, November 21, 2008

Thankful #21

TGIF! This is my post for today. Friday is my favorite day of the week! The kids were so good today too! After work, I went with my mom and B to Plattsmouth for a little Christmas thingy. BTW- I like that word. Thingy. You can use it any place you can't think of the real word you want to use. Try it. You will like it.

Tomorrow whoopdidoo is Saturday, my second favorite day of the week. I am going to Kohl's when I get up and going to buy a few Christmas ornaments. I might even stop at our storage unit and dig out a few of the Christmas boxes to get ready for Thu. when we put our tree up. Tomorrow night hubby and I are going to the Thanksgiving Dinner at the Fire Station and then out with a few couples from there. Last year was Matt's first year as a volunteer fireman, so our first year to go to the Turkey dinner. Good food- but you have to dress up. Not really my thing, expecially the past few years of daycare. I am a jean capri, barefoot or flip flop wearin' wrestling t-shirt kind of girl. But I can probaly find a pair of black pants somewhere in my closet to get through the night. Especially since I don't have to cook.

It's late, this post is going no where, I'm tired. Good Night! Have a GREAT weekend everyone!

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