Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hometown Holidays

I mentioned in an earlier post that I went to Plattsmouth, NE with my mom and B. It was November 21st and they call it "Hometown Holidays". We have not been to Plattsmouth a lot lately due to the bridge being closed. It is so nice to have it reopen again. This even took place on Main Street and there was lots to see and do. B enjoyed sitting on Santa's lap, petting the live reindeer, seeing the carriage rides and the costume characters walking around, and the time with his mom and granny! His favorite thing however, was the red caboose he got to go in and check out. Lots of businesses were open late for shopping and many were serving cookies and hot chocolate.

*Side note* As we were leaving the reindeer we told them we would leave them some carrots on Christmas Eve like usual. Their owners corrected us that they like Nilla Wafers. No wonder we always found the carrots in the trash!


  1. That looks like fun! We're going to visit Santa tonight. The girls are on their best behavior:)LOL.

  2. How cool a live reindeer!!!! I've never seen one in person, what fun pictures!


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