Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thankful #14

I am thankful for our 5 generations of family and love. My great grandpa Joe passed away one year ago today. He was 91. He was a B's Great Great Grandpa, making it 5 generations of family. Grandpa lived with us for about two and a half years. It was an experience that Hubby and I would not give back for anything. We were so blessed for the time we had with him and the friendship and bond that B and Grandpa shared. As B grew up some of the things he liked to do with Grandpa were play with the buttons on his watch, the velcro on his shoes, and share a few bites of Grandpa's pudding before he went to bed. As B got older, he liked building towers with blocks with him and playing trains. B was as good for Grandpa as he was for B. There is no way to explain the bond that they shared. They loved each other so much. The time has gone so fast, and there are so many stories we still talk about from our time together with Grandpa that I don't even know where to start to tell you how wonderful our experience was.
Grandpa loved visiting with family, talking to Matt about sports, watching the soap opera at lunch time and helping me with the daycare kids. All of the kids loved him as well. They would crawl right up on his lap for a rock in his chair or ask him to toss them the ball. He would greet the mother's as they came into the house in the morning, often opening the door for them. He ate lunch at the table with all of the daycare kids and dinner with us as a family each night. We still call things around the house "grandpa's chair" or "table" and refer to the spot at the table where Grandpa always ate as "grandpa's spot". We miss him lots and I wish that B could have known him longer, but we are so thankful for the time we were lucky enough to have!

The first time Grandpa met his great-great grandson.

Celebrating Grandpa's 90th birthday at the park

Playing trains together
Watching B open his birthday presents
Enjoying the sunshine outside with the B and a daycare tot

One of the daycare girls, Emily, LOVED grandpa. You could always find her in his lap!

Our family pic~ Grandpa, myself, hubby, and B
We miss you grandpa!

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  1. Amber- Thanks for this memory of Grandpa. What a great opportunity you guys had. I miss his front door greatings and how much Emily loved to see him and hang out. And..I am of course crying...Thanks.


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