Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thankful #6

I am thankful for my digital camera. I love digital cameras and how you can just snap away and not have to worry about your subjects closing their eyes, moving, or looking away. This is the only way to go when you have little ones in my opinion. There are so many shots that don't turn out when they are little. We purchased our first digital camera about a week before B was born so we could use it during my C-Section delivery. We have since upgraded to a bigger camera, but I don't really know how to use all of the functions on it. One thing I would like for Christmas is to take a class to learn this stuff. I don't want to be a pro or anything, I just want to understand all of the little buttons and get the full use of the camera. By having a digital camera I am able to save a ton of money by not developing pictures that look like this:
Oops, I moved!
Hey where did you go? It was cute when you were looking out the window?!?
Totally missed you going around on the Merry Go Round. Who are those other people?
Closed your eyes!

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