Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful #26

Begin sarcasm here- I am thankful for the extra weight I have because it means I have not been hungry this past year. Sarcasm over- Seriously, I might not be happy and thankful about the weight, but we do not suffer and have to go hungry. My heart is thinking a lot about those who will not get to enjoy the Thanksgiving meals with friends and family and a warm house.
This Thanksgiving Day, we are celebrating for the first time with just the 3 of us. Here is our menu for the day:
Cream Cheese Braid for breakfast that we purchased from a fundraiser

Lunch will consist of Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravey, rolls, cranberry sauce, corn, grape salad, and pumpkin pie. All of our favorites and none of the things we don't like! Tonight I made the grape salad and pumpkin pie. I also washed the turkey so it would be easier for me tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I hope you lots to be thankful for.

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