Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thankful #17

B had his first homework assignment. He had to complete a family turkey project. At first I thought we had to draw all of the turkeys in our family, but as I read the directions, I realized that we were supposed to discuss things together that he is thankful for. His list that he came up with was: apples, butterflies, Valentine's Day, Thomas the Train, his house, dad, himself, mom, the zoo, cousins, footballs, and friends. He has to return it to school today and they will have a turn to show their classmates their work and talk about the things they put on their turkey. I drew the pictures so he will have reminders about what he told me and then he colored them and his turkey. It was very cute. My heart feels so happy when I listen to him talk about things that he is thankful for or make him happy.

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