Thursday, November 20, 2008

One fine feathered friend

The tots helped me make a simple little felt turkey last week. We have a small size felt board that I made a few years ago and it works for our little theme felt projects. I cut the body and head out of light and dark brown felt. I hot glued the googly eyes on since I didn't want pieces that small out of felt. The waddle, beak, and 2 legs are all small individual pieces that my older tots can put on easily. The feathers are the perfect size for my one and two year olds to stick to the felt board. There are 10 feathers, 2 in each color. The kids have loved putting this turkey together and it is a good way for them to practice taking turns or something for them to do on their own. When we are finished with the pieces it goes into a shoebox size storage box for now and can be put away in a zip lock bag after the holiday until next year.

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