Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thankful # 13

I am thankful for the good friends that I have in my life. Last weekend hubby had to go out of town for a coaching clinic and B and I decided to drive to Des Moines to visit some friends. We stayed the night at our friend Hollie and Phil's with their 3 children. They used to live just down the street from us and their littlest one is just a few months older than B. It was so nice to see my friend Hollie again. I miss her so much! We taught together for 2 years, were in MOPS together, and did lots of talking on the phone- pretty much every night- just ask our husbands! Friday night B and I arrived there about 9 PM and they had just finished a bday party for their son. We let the kids stay up a little later than usual to play while we talked and caught up.
Hollie and me on my 29th birthday- look at my long hair!
C and B, best buds!
C, B, O, A- June 2007

Saturday we ate a few powdered doughnuts and scrambled eggs cooked Hollie's wierd way, and got ourselves ready to run to Target. One of the best things about going to Target was that Phil stayed home with the kids (Thanks, Phil!!) I never leave B. I take him everywhere with me! He was having so much fun playing with his old buddies, he didn't even care I was leaving. They fixed us a little walking taco's for lunch and then Hollie and I headed out to my favorite toy store by Jordan Creek, Creative Kidstuff. Hollie was looking for a trumpet that her daughter C had played at my house and was still talking about. She wanted to get it for her for Christmas. It is one of the most popular instruments in our "instrument box".

Once home we let the kids play a while longer and then headed home that evening. It was so nice to be able to spend time with her again! I will be back in Des Moines in December, so hopefully I can see them again then!

Tonight I got to see my friend Susie who also moved to the Des Moines area last year. She was back in town this weekend and I visited her for about an hour and a half. Susie and I used to be neighbors in our old apartment and became very close friends. I also miss her so much! We drank a lot of wine together! I also hope to see her in December when I go to Des Moines, if not over Thanksgiving sometime when she come back to visit some family.

Amber and Susie at a party at the Golf Course
Amber and Susie at Prairie Crossing Vineyard!

I miss both of these good friends so much and for selfish reasons wish that they wouldn't have moved away! They will always be two of my very BFF's.

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