Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thankful #4

Today's Thankful moment is that I get to stay home with our little guy each day. Okay, he is really not a little guy, but I love being with him every day. I think I am addicted to him! In my former life... I was an elementary teacher of 2nd and 3rd grades. I loved teaching and had wanted to be a teacher for so long. When B came around though, I loved him even more. The hardest part for me while teaching was that I had about an hour with him in the mornings and about 3 hours at night before his bedtime. His DCP had 9 hours a day with him! I just couldn't take that! He was my baby and why did she get more time with him than I did?!? My loving hubby was supportive of me staying home to be with him, as long as I could make up most of my income with daycare. So, today I am so lucky and thankful to be able to be here with my son each and every day!

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