Thursday, November 20, 2008

Talkin' Turkey

I think this might be our last turkey of the season. I can't remember any more that I have planned that I want to do with the tots.

Today we used our watercolor paints and painted on some round coffee filters. The kids always love when we do painting and I love the look of the watercolors. After they were dry, I cut out my classic turkey body shape from construction paper and we taped some pipe cleaners onto the back for legs. Next, we folded the coffee filter about 1/3 of the way up and taped it together in the middle. We glued the turkey body onto the filter over where the tape was holding it together. On most of them I cut slits in the filter and then folded the slits down and scrunched them a bit so they were not so flat. I put two little glue dots on the face and the kids placed the googly eyes on the dots. We have been talking about the beak and waddle so I decided to let the little ones draw these on with markers. Some of them are hard to see in the photos.

My son has been practicing his cutting skills a lot recently, so on his he wanted to cut the slits. I think he did a good job trying to do just what I did on the others.

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