Monday, March 2, 2009

Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter OH MY!

What would we do with ourselves if we didn't have ways to communicate with each other every minute of every unimportant minute of our lives? What DID they ever do in the OLD days?

I first jumped on the blog band wagon when we were going through our initial adoption process/ surrogacy plan. I spent so much time in the evenings reading blogs and learning about other families going through similar stuff. I became addicted to several and then started writing my own. I don't have much of a "direction" of mine however. I write about a variety of different things but mainly about daily stuff going on in my family or area. I really enjoyed setting up the blog and trying to figure out how to do new stuff with it. I am pretty proud that I have done as much as I have with it on my own while just experimenting. I have encouraged friends to start their own and helped a few get going on them.

Blogs: Go For It!

Facebook. Hhmmm...Let's see....The original reason I signed up here was a friend from high school (Hi Jamie!) told me there were several people from our class on there. I didn't attend our reunion because I was out of state at a wedding (Hey Luke!) so it gave me a good way to look people up and see what they were up to. I will admit that I don't talk to anyone but Jamie from my high school and am just fine with that. Several times I have seen someone I went to school with and I just might happen to turn the other way! I wasn't a big fan of high school but I do find it interesting to see how people have "grown up". Many have lost weight, have great careers, appear to have gotten off drugs, have 10 kids etc. It's kind cool to be able to "spy" on them and not have to really talk to them. There is not really any big reason now for not talking to most of these people, it is just that I'm not a big fan of the whole..."oh, how are you... what do you do.... are you married...."conversation where you catch up on important details and then walk away and go your seperate ways again. So, back to the story.... I was checking people out and then was getting some friend "requests". Many of my friends in my MOPS group were inviting me to be their friend. I was not sending them out to people because I figure that I already talk to them already, why do I need to "request" them to be my friend? Some people have like 500 and 700 something friends. Come one... are you REALLY friends with all of those people?

I like the status updates that I can read on my 40 + friends I have on my list and you can also see pictures people want to share, join interest groups, create groups, instand message your friends, send messages, and so much more that I don't even understand because I don't really care to take the time to figure out. I'm also okay with the fact that I don't have 500 friends. Click here for a quick little guide for beginners. Several people also post many pictures in different albums on their facebook. Matt and I have agreed that we will not post any of our family pictures on ours. You do have to be friends with someone first for them to view your pictures, but I could just send them pics if I want them to see them badly enough or they can see them on our family blog. I'm still just a little weary about the pics on FB. I did start a private group for our MOPS and posted pictures there however. In order to have access to this group I have to approve it so I was okay with that.

Here is a little husband story. Ashley and I started FBing at about the same time. Our husbands thought we were so lame. They made fun of us. We know all along they were just jealous. They both now have their own accounts and might even like it more than we do! They didn't realize that their are married to some cool wives that know what is good for them. Now, if only Matt would realize that this is the "Year of the Scarf"

Facebook: Go For It!

Twitter: Don't know much about it yet. Watched a little intro video on it today. It says it is "a way to stay connected with the exchange of quick , short answers to "what are you doing?"
and "real life happens between blog posts and emails". All I do know is that it is everywhere. All the cool blogs have it. And since (don't tell) I don't really know what cool is, I just read about it and go from there... I am thinking about it. You can follow your friends, family members, favorite sites and blogs, etc. I will have to let you know what the outcome is and maybe soon I will be tweetin'.

What are your thoughts???


  1. Well, first thanks for the comment on my blog about McHotterson...he found that quite amusing! LOL! Second, I loved this post! Of course I can blog and I'm on Facebook, but I haven't explored Twitter. You're right, all the "cool" blogs have a Twitter (?) in their sidebar, so I'm interested. I'll wait and see how it goes for you before I commit! LOL!

  2. Twitter is fun! I do it, you should too:0)

  3. I'm a facebook dropout, but I love twitter. This is a really cute post!

  4. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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