Sunday, March 8, 2009

Couch Cushion Cooties Contest

I am a happy participant in the Couch Cushion Cooties Contest going on now over at Nikki's Whimsy Love Blog. It's a little crazy and a little goofy, but so is Nikki I have learned. I was lucky enough to meet her in person at the MOPS Convention in Dallas several months ago. She is my first famous blog chic I have met!

You are welcome to enter her CCC contest too, and have a chance and winning one of her fantasticly too cute cupcake plushie pillows seen here! Let me know if you are brave enough to show us what you got in your cushies!

Now, go check out her Etsy shop... there is plenty for everyone!

Upstairs Couch- some dog hair and some dust... and I had to gather it up in the center so you could see it in the pic.

Downstairs couch #1- popcorn, plastic egg, sock, string, Sesame Street band aide, piece of torn paper, chip crumbs- this one was the yuckiest!

Downstairs couch #2- smiley sticker, Duplo road sign, unused cable that came with a toy from Christmas. Cleanest looking couch of all!

Me and Nikki at the MOPS Convention!

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  1. Thanks for playin' along! Your cooties are on my blog now!


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