Friday, March 13, 2009

Letter B

This week we worked on letter B. Our sheet for our alphabet books had stamping with a butterfly stamp that I found on one of my (3!) recent trips to the newly opened Target in the dollar section. We also added a few foam stick-on butterflies to the page.

In the first post in our letter of the week series, I told you that I was going to include each page in a sheet protector in the binders for each child. I really wanted to do this so they could have free access to look at their books anytime and I wouldn't have to worry about some of the pieces coming off that we are using for the letters. (for example: we are using corn on the letter c)
That bright idea didn't last long. Construction paper does not fit in sheet protectors! I was so bummed because we had our A and B already finished. Oh, well.
On the cover of each binder I let each child pick out two stickers that they wanted to place by their name. This will also help the non-readers be able to tell whose book is whose.
We put a letter sticker on the spine of each binder to represent the first letter in that child's name. Another way for them to identify whose book is whose.


  1. Those are pretty "B's". I love the idea of using butterflies.

  2. I hope you come and add this on my We Made It, Saturday Showcase ! It would be a great project to share.

  3. This is such a great idea to keep all of your letter activities in binders. The B's look great! Love all the butterfly stamps.

  4. Awesome idea to make alphabet books for each kid! you're so organized!

  5. Hi Amber, these 'B's" look so great! It is a lovely idea to keep them in a binder too, I might do that too. We are also making the alphabeth (now we are at the W already) but we used smaler cards. I hang them on a piece of yarn and used tiny washpins to hold them up. My son is often playing with the letters.


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