Thursday, March 5, 2009

St. Patty's Tree and Rainbows

St. Patrick's Day Tree at night
My "authentic" St. Patty's Day beads from several years ago when Matt and I went out in Omaha with some friends bright and early one St. Patty's Day morning!
Rainbow with a pot of gold decoration:
We started with white pipe cleaners and the children strung 4 of each color in the rainbow on. I hooked the end in a "j" shape to keep them from sliding off.

The finished rainbow... I curled the ends into circles to give us some "base" to glue the "gold" onto. We used flat gold sequins for the coins.
The kids enjoyed being able to hang their rainbows on the tree.
The rainbows added a bit of color to the tree. I am trying to keep our tree up as long as I can with different holidays, but this one is hard for me. There is so much green it looks very "Christmas-y" and it's bugging me! I'm not a Christmas tree in March kind of girl! I can't wait to add more color and jazz it up for Easter and spring.

Our finished rainbows with a pot of gold!

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  1. What a fun way to do something a little different for St. Patrick's Day! I love the beaded rainbow ornaments!


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