Friday, March 6, 2009

State Wrestling '09

One of the great things about February is the State Wrestling Tournament in Des Moines. B has attended every year since he was about 2 months old. Several members of hubby's side of the family are there and we have a great time. Since B had been sick for 7 days!!! before this we did not get to go up on Friday morning to Des Moines as we had planned. We had wanted to be able to spend some time with our Des Moines friends, but were not really able to do that this time. We needed to stay close to the hotel and keep it a little quiet.
Our Arrival in Des Moines, several hours later than we had planned. We were excited to see Daddy again since he had been gone since Wed AM. The Wells Fargo Arena where all of the action takes place.
Saturday Night Finals. Matt did not have any wrestlers in the finals this year. He took 3 to state and one place 6th. This pic shows 4 generations. B, Hubby, his dad, and his dad.
The Grand March of the weight classes. Hubby's wrestler was in the 285 section.
All of the place winners lined up after the Grand March for the National Anthem.
Sleeping during the action. B probably slept through half of it this year.

Back at the Hotel pool...

B loved the pool. It was so cold so I only swam once out of the 3 times we went.

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