Monday, March 23, 2009

Girl Party

*Starting the day off at Village Inn*- notice that cute boy? He is the only male allowed on Girl Party trips!*
For several years now the "girls" in my family have had girl parties. They include myself, my sister, my mom, my grandma, my great aunt, and my cousin and her daughter. We have gone to various places such as bed and breakfasts, movies, or just had a party at one of our houses. It is a great tradition for keeping our family close.
This Saturday we took a trip to Fremont, NE. My MIL had told me about several stores they had there. It was about an hour from our house so we met up and jammed ourselves into my cousin Kris' SUV and headed out.
The day was filled with fun, food, laughter, and plenty of shopping at craft and antique shops.
Here is a few of the things I picked up:
More super cute wooden decorations for my Easter tree.
These canisters on clearance for Halloween.

Cookie cutters... I have posted before about how I love to use the pampered chef mini ones for lunches for my kids for things like bologna, cheese, jello etc. I thought these were cute. The kids will like the teddy bear and I thougtht the one on top was a bunny. As we were driving home and I was looking at it, I discovered it is a reindeer. Oh, well- we will use it in winter! The wine glass cookie cutter- how cute is that. I love wine and I love cookies, enough said.
We also got a little train book at an antique shop that B loved and a wooden bunny with string that you pull and it makes it's legs and arms go up. I picked up a bag of special grass seed that you can grow in little pots for decoration. I wish I could remember what kind it was! I also picked up a few surprises for a bloggy friend Nikki. I am going to send those goodies I found for her off this week.


  1. Sounds like you had a great girls party! I love the wine glass cookie cutter! How fun:0)

  2. How fun!!! It looks like you found some good finds.

  3. Those cookie cutters are fantastic! I wanted to find some like that and put jolly ranchers in them and bake it with a hole in the top to make candy rainbow sun catchers. I saw it on the food network over the holidays and it was so neat. Oh, by the way.. I'm Alicia.. I ran across your blog and just had to say HELLO! :o)


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