Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome Spring!

Make yourself a yummy treat to celebrate the first day of Spring!


  1. Very cute!!! Perfect for the first day of spring.

  2. How pretty! I wish I knew how to do that!

  3. I think we're meant to be BFF's!!!! Love, love, love your tag line!

    And those cupcakes look so yummy!! I'm sold - I'm definitely becoming a subscriber/follower -etc - I'm new to the lingo!

    Oh, btw - yes, I think I could definitely do a button. (My design blog is a work in progress - I'll go check on the comment thing asap - thanks for letting me know!)

    Have a great weekend! Oh, this is SO fun!

  4. thanks for stopping by at my blog and do come again. I have a 18 month old and i am happy i found your blog. I think i can find lot of stuff to do with him.

  5. Very cute!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I'll continue to check yours out. Happy partying!

  6. They are beautiful and I'm sure scrumptious! I really want one....badly. If your doorbell rings in five minutes, you know why I'm there!


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