Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Leprechaun Hunting

In honor of St. Patrick's Day today, the boys made Leprechaun Binoculars to use later in our day when we went on our hike. The 2 girls choose to make ribbon wavers. Both turned out very cute!

These are, of course, made out of empty toilet paper rolls. We colored on them, put on some shamrock stickers, taped the ends together and hung them by yarn. Presto!

For these I used the hard cardboard tubes that you find in your aluminum foil rolls or cling wrap. They are firmer than paper towel rolls and work perfect for things like this. We covered them in construction paper and stickers. We glued (and then taped) streamers in 4 colors to wave around as we walked!
My little leprechauns heading out for "Leprechaun Hunting". The boys had their binoculars and the girls were waving their ribbon wavers. We also took an empty PB jar with us in case we caught any.
This looks like it might be a good spot for a leprechaun to hide!
All we ended up seeing was 2 statues of them! Maybe next year!
Our parties are not complete without some type of cake! Today we enjoyed green cupcakes with striped frosting and gold sprinkles.
Lunch consisted of shamrock bologna and cheese (thanks to my much loved Pampered Chef mini cutters) green beans, and Leprechaun yogurt. We also had Leprechaun milk and ALL of the kids told me they didn't like it. Go figure!


  1. i like the different crafts for boys and girls. apparently, they all have great fun!

  2. Fun ideas for St. Patty's Day!! I have those same mini cutters...too bad I didn't think to use them. Bummer! I love the leprechaun hunt idea, especially with the binoculars. Yummy looking cupcakes, too!

  3. Awesome ideas! Those cupcakes look delicious!!!
    Thanks for the compliment on my blog!


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