Sunday, March 22, 2009

"New" bike

B was needing a new bike to have out at his grandma's house. Including him, there are 4 cousins who like to play at her house. She has tricycles and bikes but with B and his other 4 yr. old cousin, they were needing a bigger 16 in. bike.

I decided to check on craigslist for one since there was no need to spend the price of a brand new bike for out there. I was lucky enough to find one pretty close for only $10 on my second day of looking. The only think we were going to need to add was training wheels since he still hasn't mastered that yet.

He went with me to pick it up and was very excited about it. He has no idea it is not a shiny, new bike. He was so excited and loves it so much. He doesn't even want to take it to grandma's because he has been riding it here every opportuity he has.

We stopped to pick up some training wheels at the store before we came home and I got a pair for $7. Of course, as excited as he was, he wanted them on right away instead of waiting for his dad to get home to do it.

So we got to work in the garage and mama got them on! Dad did a little adjusting when he got home on one of the wheels, but I was pretty proud of myself.

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  1. Way to go B. C. was excited to see you on your new wheels.


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